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Chair Yoga DVD - Review by Louise Kosta

Taken from The Human Ecologist No 135 Fall 135

Statistics tell us that many of us are not following advice to get regular exercise—we spend a lot of time sitting. Chair Yoga can get you moving while you’re sitting down. Author Edeltraud Rohnfeld qualified as a yoga teacher at the Berlin Yoga Institute Asha Rekai, taught yoga for 15 years, and then studied chair yoga with its founder, Erika Hammerstrom. She now lives in Ireland, where she teaches both classic and chair yoga.

As her book and DVD attest, Rohnfeld is an excellent teacher via the written word and via the demonstrations on her DVD. She is both sincere and inspiring; in one passage she writes, “Yoga teaches that the place of inner peace and composure, where we can draw again and again on fresh reserves of courage and power, lies ultimately within ourselves.….[I]t is important to be able to allow regular time for rest in everyday life. Then you can learn to manage stress in a different way, and to stay calm even in trying situations.”

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Preserving your Memory Interview Edel Rohnfeld

More than 5000 years ago, a few wise Indian hermits began the practice of yoga as a means to achieving harmony for mind, body and spirit. Yet, for all its longevity in the world, many find that eventually their bodies can no longer continue the exercises that usually require a full range of movement and the ability to hold your own weight. Chair yoga moves these deep breathing and stretching exercises to the seated position so that anyone can enjoy its benefits—whether you have limited mobility or you’re just confined to your desk at work. We spoke with Edeltraud Rohnfeld, author of Chair Yoga: Seated Exercises for Health and Well Being, to learn more.

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